Tip #1477: Is “[REC]” the Best Found Footage Film?

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Tip #1477: Is “[REC]” the Best Found Footage Film?

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

“[REC]” is an outstanding “found footage” film.

‘[REC]’CREDIT: Filmax, Magnet Releasing

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This article, written by Alyssa Miller, first appeared in NofilmSchool.com. This is a summary.

Admit it, found footage films are a bit predictable. But why are the scares so damn horrific in [REC]?

These films have become predictable and often waste the audience’s time trying to force us to care about obscure situations that are out of touch with reality. But [REC] isn’t like the rest. It stands proudly over the others because it finds horror in the thing we despise the most—isolation.

The article looks at:

  • Tension
  • Realism
  • Consistency

When it comes to making a found footage film, remember that the world of the film needs to be grounded believably. Try to make the characters feel like “real” people and surprise them and the audiences with scares that no one is expecting.


The article includes a link to a video, created by Ryan Hollinger, that breaks the film down in more detail.

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