Tip #1502: Media Encoder Supports More Codecs

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Tip #1502: Media Encoder Supports More Codecs

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Adobe continues to increase its support for HDR.

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With the release of the 2021 update to Adobe Media Encoder, AME now supports more codecs.

Specifically, AME added support for:

  • ARRI Alexa Mini LF (ARRIRAW) footage Adobe Media Encoder now offers a comprehensive, cross-platform (Windows and macOS) solution for workflows, from camera media through to delivery.

Here’s a link to all of AME’s supported codecs.

In January, Adobe took another step in its move to support HDR media more extensively throughout all its applications. The default working color space and Gamma curve has been modified for all RED files.

File type Default working space in older versions of Adobe Media Encoder Default working space in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.8 and later
Red files Color space: Rec 709 Color space: RedWideGamutRGB
Gamma curve- BT.1886 Gamma curve: Log3G10
Komodo files Color space: Rec 709 Color space: RedWideGamutRGB
Gamma curve- Log3G10 Gamma curve: Log3G10

NOTE: All old projects continue to have the previous settings and are not impacted by this change. You can choose to change the colour space and Gamma space as per your requirements.

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