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Tip #1503: The Colorize Filter is an Essential Friend

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

The Colorize filter brings B&W graphics to life.

Colorize filter settings (top). (Bottom from left to right) Original image, replace white, replace black, replace both.

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One of the more helpful tools in Apple Motion is the Colorize filter. This turns black-and-white graphics and into something MUCH more interesting.

Here’s how it works.


  • Select the black-and-white graphic you what to change. (This will work with video, but it is designed for graphics.)
  • Apply Filters > Color > Colorize (screen shot top).
  • To change white to any color: Click the white color chip and change this to the color you prefer.
  • To change black to any color: Click the black color chip and change this to the color you prefer.
  • And, for those truly daring, change BOTH color chips to change both white and black.


The screen shot illustrates all the different options. Also, you can use keyframes to animate the color selection over time.

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