Tip #1526: Design Trends for 2021

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Tip #1526: Design Trends for 2021

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Tracking search keywords helps spot trends faster.

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This article first appeared in Shutterstock.com. This is a summary.

Shutterstock users from around the world search for images, videos, and music tracks every day—by the millions. The keywords they use allow us to uncover what trends are on the horizon and will define creativity in 2021. These trends include:

Eccentric Animation. As the software behind VFX and animation gets more advanced, artists are developing unique approaches, giving content creators new ways to express their ideas. We’ve seen a rise in searches for playful animation styles and motion graphics in a time when new live action footage is harder to come by.

Design Trends. Free-flowing inkspaces, one-of-a-kind tie dye patterns, and twisting, surreal line portraiture show the embrace of individuality—and the imperfection—in digital art. Hang loose with this misfit crowd of textures, backgrounds, and illustrations.

Surreal Faces. The avant-garde is again on the horizon, and Picasso-esque designs are leading the charge. Combining abstract attributes with reality, these linear elements transcend boundaries, making the normal look fantastic. Celebrate this trend of all things extraordinary, glorious, and inherently human.

Inkscapes. Currents of translucent hues, snaking metallic swirls, and foamy sprays of color shape the landscape of these free-flowing textures. The marbling techniques at play leave room for beautiful imperfections amidst the chaos.

Tie Dye. The DIY breakout hit of at-home fashion is now claiming new territory in digital design. Tie dye patterns are an instant pick-me-up of ’70s nostalgia with a distinctive flair. With hundreds of dyeing techniques available, this trend is the perfect foundation for your unique point of view.

Photography. Photographers, more and more, are ditching the studio and focusing their lenses on a new scenario: reality. Out with the staged and in with the real—we’re talking real people, real situations, real life.

There are ten trends in all – each illustrated with a variety of visuals. Even if you aren’t a designer, the images alone will rejuvenate your eye.

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