Tip #1531: Motion Titles for FCP are More Than Text

… for Apple Motion

Tip #1531: Motion Titles for FCP are More Than Text

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Title templates can contain anything a Motion project can – including video!

Title templates can contain text, shapes, gadgets, animations, even video. These are full Motion projects.

Topic $TipTopic

When you create a title template in Motion for use in either Motion or Final Cut, you are not limited to only using text. You can actually do far more. Anything you can put into a “normal” Motion project, you can put into a title. It’s just that the title is saved in the Titles browser for use in Final Cut as a template.

The screen shot illustrates a title containing:

  • Text
  • Spinning gadget
  • Animated shape using Behaviors
  • Gradient colors
  • A zoomed-back background video
  • Lighting using Spot and Point lights

Don’t get creatively trapped into thinking titles are only text.

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