Tip #1555: Spins Can Also Be 3D

… for Apple Motion

Tip #1555: Spins Can Also Be 3D

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Video is always 2D, but particles and 3D objects are 3D.

The tumbling Space Rock, and the Spin > Axis setting that makes it possible.

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When we work with video in Motion, it is easy to overlook that the Spin behavior actually works in 3D. But it does.

In Tip #1554, I created the “Flying Space Rock.” But, the Rock itself needs to spin. Since this is a 3D object, it makes sense to show its 3D nature.

So, I added Behaviors > Basic Motion > Spin.

Then, while I could adjust this using the HUD, instead I used Inspector > Behaviors > Spin and changed the rotation Axis to X.

This made the rock tumble in a way we would not normally expect.


You can achieve the same results by dragging the inner blue circle for the Spin behavior in the HUD.

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