Tip #1587: When to Use Render at Maximum Depth

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #1587: When to Use Render at Maximum Depth

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Basically, turn this off.

Most of the time, with modern computers, leave this unchecked.

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There are new render settings for video export. These affect the Render at Maximum Depth option. Here’s what they mean and which to choose.

This setting is a hold-over from the days when all rendering was done by the CPU. Now that Premiere has shifted to GPU rendering, these settings are no longer necessary.

  • Leave Render at Maximum Depth unchecked unless you don’t have a dedicated GPU.
  • If you check this, and you are doing color grading, set the depth to 16-bpc for the most accurate color rendering.
  • 8-bpc will render faster, but subtle color shade may get lost.
  • Only check + alpha if you need transparency included with your export.


To reassure yourself, render a test image with this turned on and then with it turned off. See if you can see a difference.

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