Tip #1606: Change Metadata Labels for Video Exports

… for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tip #1606: Change Metadata Labels for Video Exports

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Metadata can be embedded into ProRes, MP4, MP3 and QuickTime files.

The Project Metadata Inspector (top red arrow). The white arrow displays more metadata fields (bottom red arrow).

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Have you ever wondered where those labels come from when you share (export) a file? These labels are stored as project metadata.

Here’s how to change them:

  • Select the project in the Browser.
  • Click the “trident” arrow in the Inspector (top arrow in screen shot). This displays the project metadata.
  • Change the text in any field.
  • Or, click the white down arrow (bottom red arrow in screen shot) to display more than a dozen other metadata fields that can be added to your export.

These will be retained in the project until you change them.


You can also add metadata to videos using Compressor.

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2 replies
  1. Bill Rabkin
    Bill Rabkin says:

    Of what use are Tags other than, perhaps, in Spotlight searches? They don’t seem to appear in other apps such as QuickTime Player or VLC.

    • Larry Jordan
      Larry Jordan says:


      All this data is accessible via Spotlight. Tags are just another set of metadata you can associate with your video.



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