Tip #1627: Adobe Updates Premiere & Audition

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Tip #1627: Adobe Updates Premiere & Audition

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Monthly update cycle continues for Adobe.

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Last week, Adobe updated both Premiere Pro and Audition. Here’s what’s new.

Adobe Audition

  • Audition now runs natively on Apple M1 systems providing improved performance for recording and mixing high-quality audio content, such as podcasts, broadcast, sound design, audio restoration, and more. Notable gains include faster mixdowns, audio effects rendering, and near-real time updates in the Spectral Display Editor.
  • The new Loudness Meter in both Audition and Premiere Pro provides industry standard ITU-based loudness monitoring for broadcast, podcast, and streaming media content. The new Loudness Meter, which will replace the previous Loudness Radar, transparently measures program loudness for full mixes, single tracks, or buses and submixes.
  • Strip Silence is a much-requested new feature which allows users to identify and remove silent or inactive regions in recorded clips, without losing synchronization in multitrack audio. Use this feature for cleaning up voice recording, interviews, and preparing multi-track edits, such as podcasts or audio documentary content.

In Premiere Pro

  • Text gradients are now part of the modern titling tools in the Essential Graphics panel. Users can apply gradients to add sheen to letters or colorful effects for text and titles.
  • Caption items in the Captions track now have the same label color options as other items on the timeline. Select Label Color Group to assign labels and colors for captions – and use the same keyboard shortcuts.
  • Simple edits with Caption items on the Caption track behave the same as traditional linked video and audio pairs. Selecting, moving, trimming, and blade edits will be applied to video audio and captions items simultaneously.
  • Canon XF HEVC performance improvements
  • Support for DirectX display technology on Windows

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