Tip #1638: Create a Default Motion Project Duration

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Tip #1638: Create a Default Motion Project Duration

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Preset preferences control everything except project durations.

Project durations, which can be in frames or seconds, are set from Preferences > Project.

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Here’s another Motion preference setting that can simplify your life.

When you create a new preset (Motion > Preferences > Presets), you can specify all sorts of different technical settings for your projects. This allows Motion to auto-configure projects quickly when you create new ones.

The only thing you CAN’T do from the Preset menu is set a default duration. That option is located in Motion > Preferences > Project. (See screen shot.)

Simply change the Project Duration in the Project pane to whatever you prefer for a default.

NOTE: Remember, you can always change this value when creating a new project using the Project Browser.


You can specify durations using either frames or seconds.

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