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Tip #164: 6 “Trim to Playhead” Shortcuts

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

Keyboard shortcuts that speed trimming to the Playhead.

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These six keyboard shortcuts speed trimming an edit point to the playhead.

Shortcut What It Does
Q Ripple trim previous edit to playhead (does not leave a gap)
Shift + Q Extend (Roll) previous edit to playhead
Option + Q Trim previous edit to playhead (leaves a gap)
W Ripple trim next edit to playhead (does not leave a gap)
Shift + W Extend (Roll) next edit to playhead
Option + W Trim next edit to playhead (leaves a gap)

The cool part about these is that you don’t need to select the edit point first.

NOTE: These shortcuts are all from the Adobe Premiere Pro Default keyboard map.

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1 reply
  1. GWied
    GWied says:

    I’ve been using Q and W for a while – nice speed-up for quick editing. Now I can use those tools with the modifier keys for even more power 🙂


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