Tip #1643: Add and Modify a Hold Frame in FCP

… for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tip #1643: Add and Modify a Hold Frame in FCP

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Hold frames are a very fast way to add still frames to a project.

The Speed Transition dialog (top) and the “edit hold frame” box (bottom).

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A hold frame is a still frame that is attached to a clip in the Final Cut Pro timeline. Hold frames can be added to any video clip, with any duration you want.

The good news is that hold frames are attached to the clip itself, wherever a clip moves, the hold frame moves with it.

NOTE: Adding a Hold frame pauses the video and puts a gap into the audio. For this reason, hold frames are not recommended for clips with sync sound.


To add a hold frame, put the playhead where you want to insert a pause, and type Shift + H. (Modify > Retime > Hold)

A 2-second hold frame is inserted into the selected clip at the position of the playhead.


To change the duration of a hold frame, drag the vertical black line (called the “thumb”) at the end of the hold frame left (to shorten it) or right (to lengthen it).

To modify the hold frame itself, double-click the black thumb at the start of the hold frame to display the Speed Transition dialog.

Click Edit and a box appears around the frame that’s current being held. Drag this box left or right to change the frame that’s being held, without deleting either the hold frame or its duration.

To remove a hold frame, select the clip and type Shift + N (Modify > Retime > Normal (100%))

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