Tip #1670: 10 Things to Know about Backlight

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Tip #1670: 10 Things to Know about Backlight

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When in doubt, backlight!

Image courtesy of PremiumBeat.com.

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This article, written by Tanner Shinnick, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is a summary.

The backlight may be the most important light on any set. A well-placed and utilized backlight can quickly elevate any production, giving it that coveted “cinematic look.”

Here are Tanner’s 10 Tips:

  1. A Backlight Is an Essential Component in 3-Point Lighting
  2. Backlighting Creates a 3D Effect in a 2D Medium
  3. Essential to Create Separation
  4. “When in Doubt, Backlight!”
  5. Quality of Light Matters
  6. Expose Properly
  7. A Backlight Has Many Names
  8. A Backlight Can Create Drama
  9. The Sun Is the Ultimate Backlight
  10. Experiment

Overall, the backlight is an essential piece of your lighting setup. It can create separation, depth, and help you achieve that cinematic look.


The article provides photos that illustrate each of these ten ideas, along with provide examples and details on how to use each.

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