Tip #1671: 10 Tips to High Production Value – at Low Cost

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Tip #1671: 10 Tips to High Production Value – at Low Cost

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Production value is what draws viewers in.

Image courtesy: “The Battle at Home” from John DeStefano Jr.

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This article, written by John DeStefano Jr., first appeared in NoFilmSchool.com. This is a summary.

While trying to become successful in the film industry, people will always compare your film, feature-length or short, to the best movies ever made.

So how do you create something that’s similar in quality, when those movies have multimillion-dollar budgets, A-list actors, and what seems like an army of a crew? The answer is simple—high production value.

High production value is what is going to draw viewers in and keep them there. In order to duplicate the look and feel of blockbuster hits, all you need is a little ingenuity and movie magic.

  1. The Poster, Title, and Logline
  2. Locations
  3. Story
  4. Actors
  5. Color
  6. Extras
  7. Crew
  8. Establishing and Wide Shots
  9. Time Management
  10. Post Sound Design and Music

With limited resources, you can be well on your way to a long and successful career with the help of high production value. All you need to do is create films that look great, sound great, and flow well. Oh, and create an entertaining and enticing story that audiences will love and won’t forget.


The article provides personal details and images on how the author used these tips in his latest feature “The Battle at Home” – which got him a contract to a MUCH bigger feature.

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