Tip #1677: Working with Dual-Channel Audio

… for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tip #1677: Working with Dual-Channel Audio

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Final Cut Pro makes handling multi-channel audio easy and very flexible.

Converting stereo to mono audio is easy using Audio Configuration.

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Normally, when you import a two-channel audio clip, Final Cut Pro treats it as stereo. But Final Cut makes working with multi-channel audio easy. Here’s how:

  • Select the clip in either the Browser or the Timeline.
  • Open the Audio Inspector.
  • Scroll down to Audio Configuration.
  • Click the menu – which, for two-channel clips, should say Stereo – and change it to 2 Mono.

NOTE: In this screen shot, I’m working with a six-channel audio clip, where only the first two channels have audio. Here, I selected “6 Mono.”

Once you see the different channels you can:

  • Skim a channel to review it at high-speed
  • Click inside a channel, then press spacebar to play just that channel.
  • Uncheck a channel to mute it.


Converting a 2-channel Mono clip to Stereo is just as easy: Change the menu from 2 Mono to Stereo.

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  1. Lawrence Sobczak
    Lawrence Sobczak says:

    I work with files from a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio recorder that creates files with 16 channel audio. We never use more than 2 channels. There is an option in the Import dialog to “Remove Silent Channels”. Does it actually work? It’s never worked in my experience. Any insight into whats going on with this?


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