Tip #1692: 61 Seconds of Beautiful Nonsense

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Tip #1692: 61 Seconds of Beautiful Nonsense

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Let’s be humorous and dance with the fruits!!

Composite image from “Fruitless,” from Yeti Pictures.

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Fruitless, a 2020 Motion Awards Winner, is a 61-second short form project “exploring novel aesthetics, production methodologies and/or technologies.” In other words, it’s a bit weird.


As the summer is getting closer, we felt the heat and changed our diet into a massive fruit daily attack. We are not used to pop colors and playful tastes, so it was a great challenge to stay disciplined on our new daily routine. This is the moment where we decide to have fun with our situation and try to see the bright side of it. Let’s be humorous and dance with the fruits!!

YETI Pictures handled the direction, design, animation and simulation duties, using Cinema 4D, Octane Render, XParticles, Realflow and TFD.

Watch it here.


Motionographer.com is celebrating all the winners by displaying their work. Here’s the link.

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