Tip #1700: What the Linked Selection Button Does

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #1700: What the Linked Selection Button Does

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Most of the time, leaving Linked Selection on prevents surprises during editing.

Linked Selection on (blue): Top. Linked Selection off (white): Bottom

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Normally, when you click a linked clip (where the audio and video are synced together), both are selected. But there’s a switch that can change that.

In the top left corner of the timeline (see screen shot) is the Linked Selection switch.

  • When this is blue (top image), clicking a synced audio/video clip selects the entire clip.
  • When this switch is white (bottom image), clicking a synced clip only selects that part of the clip you clicked on.

NOTE: This separation is useful when you want to delete the audio or video portion of a clip, or move the audio separately from the video.


Toggling this switch does not change the selection state of any currently-selected clips.

You can temporarily achieve the same result by pressing the Option key when you click a clip. This performs the opposite of the current setting of this switch.

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