Tip #1715: Apple Updates Compressor

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Tip #1715: Apple Updates Compressor

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Update adds a variety of new features.

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Last week, as part of updates to all their media applications, Apple updated Compressor to version 4.5.3.

New features include:

  • Optimization for Apple silicon
  • Batch status notifications
  • Improved audio descriptions

Here’s the complete list of new features, according to Apple:

  • Adds the ability to modify the start timecode of a source clip or audio file.
  • Adds the ability to choose the color palette and dithering algorithm to minimize the file size of PNGs and GiFs.
  • Adds the ability to resize vertical video to other vertical frame sizes and square video to other square frame sizes with new Up To presets in the inspector.
  • Adds the ability to resize video to vertical and square aspect ratios using new presets for Cropping and Padding in the inspector.
  • Allows a user to disable passthrough of source metadata to output audio files and MOV, MP4, M4V, and MXF video formats.
  • Adds an alert when a group of shared computers contains a Mac with an incompatible Compressor version.
  • Adds support for MXF language tags.
  • Adds the ability to write an AVCHD disk image to the file system.
  • Adds keyboard shortcuts to create new batches for iTunes Store or IMF Packages types.
  • Fixes an issue where DPX or Cineon image sequences were imported with an incorrect frame rate.

I especially like the new resizing options.

Here’s the link to Apple Compressor’s Release Notes.

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