Tip #1718: The New Stroke Filter in Motion

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Tip #1718: The New Stroke Filter in Motion

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

This creates borders ranging from tacky to lovely. It is highly flexible and fun!

A heart shape with an ice blue outline gradient using the Stroke filter.

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One of the new features in Apple Motion is the Stroke filter. This creates lovely border effects around shapes.

  • To experiment with this, add a shape to a Motion project. (In this example, I used a heart.)
  • Select the layer containing the shape.
  • Choose Filters > Border > Shape. By default, a red border appears. Not to worry, we’ll change it next.
  • Go to Inspector > Filters > Stroke.
  • Change the Stroke Type to Outline Gradient. This causes the gradient to radiate out from the center of the element, rather than circularly around the shape.
  • Now, start tweaking: colors, width, position, fades… the works.

This creates border effects ranging from tacky to lovely. It is by far the most flexible border effect in Motion.

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