Tip #1719: What Are Parameter Behaviors?

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Tip #1719: What Are Parameter Behaviors?

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

You apply parameter behaviors to a setting, not an object.

An animated frost effect, using the Wriggle parameter behavior.

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Parameter behaviors are an advanced technique that, rather than manipulating an object, manipulates a setting (parameter) associated with an object.

These can create some very subtle effects. Here’s how this works.

  • Using the Circle tool, draw an oval in the Viewer.
  • In the HUD, turn off Fill, increase the width to, say, 90. and assign a Shape Style. (In this example, I used Garnish > Frost Heavy.)
  • In Inspector > Shape, click the small arrow to the right of Width (lower red arrow), and choose Add Parameter Behavior > Wriggle.
  • Play the timeline and see how the Frost border wriggles.



You can assign multiple parameter behaviors to the same setting. This is a great way to animate movement in non-traditional ways.

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