Tip #1721: New! Change Starting Timecode in Compressor

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Tip #1721: New! Change Starting Timecode in Compressor

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

New! Modify source clip timecode for compressed files.

The new “Change Timecode” options in Apple Compressor.

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New with the 4.5.3 update to Compressor is a setting to modify a job’s starting timecode in the timing area of the Job Inspector. Here’s how.

NOTE: Modifying the starting timecode automatically adjusts the job’s In point to match the new start time.

  • Import a clip into Compressor.
  • Assign a compression setting.
  • Select the job (file name) in the Compressor batch area.
  • Go to Inspector > Job.
  • Look about 1/4 the way down to see the new timecode entries (see screen shot).
  • Enter the new starting timecode and, if necessary, click Drop Frame to enable drop frame timecode.

The new timecode will be used when compressing this file.


You can enter numbers or click the Up/Down arrows in the timecode pane.

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