Tip #1739: Is the Traditional VFX Pipeline Dead?

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Tip #1739: Is the Traditional VFX Pipeline Dead?

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Foundry explores the new VFX pipeline in “The Found Lederhosen.”

Image courtesy of Foundry.com.

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This article first appeared in Foundry.com. This is a summary.

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Retreat has just marked its 26th year with a virtual 9-day event exploring today’s most transformative technologies. Exploring the challenges and opportunities of cloud-based distributed workflows was a main aim of the HPA Retreat’s 2021 Supersession — a production that Foundry was excited to be involved in.

Diving deeper into the The Found Lederhosen project, Matt Mazerolle, Foundry’s Director of Product, New Technology, weighs in: “The aim was to explore the next level of remote work—distributed production pipelines. You have crews shooting all over the world, with 200 artists working remote during a variety of COVID lockdowns. Everything’s in the cloud, and you’re connecting different vendors into that data through cloud platforms. So in the case of The Found Lederhosen, there are six geographical locations where there are shots being done. At each location, all the data is being put into AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Different vendors are then connecting different platforms to work on that data, in order to realize the film.”

The result was a production made up of novel workflows that tease at what the next stage of distributed production could look like, heralding a future for the industry that more closely aligns with the MovieLabs 2030 Vision for the Evolution of Media Creation. Here’s a link.


The article – linked above – includes illustrations and links that explore this subject in more detail.

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