Tip #1742: Premiere Beta Showcases New Interface

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Tip #1742: Premiere Beta Showcases New Interface

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Adobe begins modernizing Premiere Pro for today’s media.

Image courtesy of Adobe Systems.

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Last week, Adobe released a significant update to Premiere Pro as a beta release. This is the first step in a multi-step process to overhaul and refresh the Premiere interface.

NOTE: Beta software, by definition, is unstable and likely to change. You can install the beta version without losing access to the current release of Premiere. However, use beta software only for exploration and experimentation; because there is always the possibility of losing your work due to a software bug.

Adobe writes: “Our new vision for Premiere Pro starts with refreshed import and export experiences, as well as a streamlined header bar — making workflows easier to learn, more efficient and more enjoyable. We want Premiere Pro to become a more intuitive, yet powerful editing tool that is ready to meet the demands of tomorrow while also helping today’s creators to meet the demands of delivering high-quality content at quick turnarounds and optimizing content for multiple social platforms.

“This interface refresh is a journey that has been a long time coming. It’s a nuanced challenge to take a thirty-year-old app and modernize it for new types of video content (like social video which simply didn’t exist when Premiere Pro was first built), while respecting the needs and demands of traditional post-production. We knew we had to get it right, so we brought together a cross-functional team from product design, research, engineering and customer experience, who collected data and worked closely with our customers on their wants and needs to ensure the new experience is as beautiful as it is functional.”

The changes in this version focus on three areas:

  • Streamlining the header bar and workspaces
  • Improve the import process
  • Improve the export process

Adobe concludes: “We’ll be rolling out these new experiences on a timeline starting with this public Beta to ensure that our customers can provide feedback, explore the changes and continue to use Premiere Pro to its fullest potential. These changes are additive and not a replacement to current workflows. We understand how important muscle-memory is and we don’t want to disrupt your flow in any way.”

Here’s a link to Adobe’s blog with more details.

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