Tip #1784: Function Keys Make Motion Move

… for Apple Motion

Tip #1784: Function Keys Make Motion Move

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

I use these F-keys in every Motion project.

This preference is off by default. Find it in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard.

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Not all Mac keyboards support Function keys (called: “F-keys”). But, for those that do, Motion has built in F-key shortcuts. Here’s what they do.

  • F1. Show Inspector > Properties
  • F2. Show Inspector > Behaviors
  • F3. Show Inspector > Filters
  • F4. Show Inspector > Selected object
  • F5. Show/Hide Project pane
  • F6. Show/Hide Timeline
  • F7. Show/Hide HUD
  • F8. Toggle Viewer full-screen
  • F9. Show/Hide Background Tasks window
  • F10. Output to VR headset


F-keys are not enabled by default. To turn them on go to: System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard and check the check box illustrated in the screen shot.

Laptops and some smaller keyboards have an Fn key in the lower left corner. Press this while typing a number to emulate pressing an F-key.

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