Tip #1813: Unusual Textures to Capture at the Beach

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Tip #1813: Unusual Textures to Capture at the Beach

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Textures are always useful. And, this summer, why not consider the beach?

Image courtesy of RocketStock.com.

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Bulk up your motion graphics library with one-of-a-kind textures from the natural world using a few tips on what to look for. This article, written by Lewis McGregor, first appeared in RocketStock.com. This is a summary.

I have a disk drive bursting at the seams with textures and images I frequently use within my motion graphics and VFX. I use them for displacement maps, motion backgrounds, composite elements, or simply to give my solid colors some character. You would be surprised at how often a few texture JPEGs can change the dynamic of a tedious animation.

While your first thought may drift towards taking snapshots of sand, let’s take a look at a few not-so-obvious examples.

  • Shipwreck Remains
  • Rusted By Seawater
  • Rock Pools At Low Tide
  • Unique Angles

I find obtaining textures also useful for the off chance I’m working on a matte painting. Creating something that looks alien can be challenging. In fact, it might be one of my pet hates that whenever we see an alien world in film, it usually has the core properties of the earth. However, when you start to compile textures that seemingly look odd to look at, you might be on the way to create something truly alien.


The author provides a range of stunning textures and images, as well as extended descriptions. The article is worth reading just for the pictures.

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