Tip #1828: Adjustment Layers Can Do Magic

… for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tip #1828: Adjustment Layers Can Do Magic

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Adjustment layers save time and simplify effects.

Adjustment layers are a special form of title.

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An adjustment layer is a custom title template which changes all clips below it in the timeline. For example, add an adjustment layer to change all clips below it to black-and-white, or apply the broadcast safe filter to your entire project, or apply the same color grade to multiple clips.

The benefit to an adjustment layer is that you can change the effect settings in the layer, without needing to adjust each individual clip. Or, remove an effect from multiple clips simply by removing the adjustment layer.

Premiere and Photoshop support adjustment layers natively. Final Cut does not. But… you can create one!

Here’s an article on my website that explains how to create an adjustment layer (you’ll need Motion). It’s a special form of a Title effect.

Another benefit – besides speed and flexibility – to creating an adjustment layer template is that you can “bake” in custom effects into the adjustment layer, as my article illustrates. This can save a significant amount of time during an edit.

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