Tip #205: Quickly Add Motion Blur to a Motion Project

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Tip #205: Quickly Add Motion Blur to a Motion Project

Motion Blur tends to blend foreground with background.

Apple Motion Inspector Project Properties
The Project Motion Blur settings in the Motion Inspector.

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Motion Blur softens the edges of moving objects. Whether you use it or not is purely a matter of personal taste. But creating it is easy in Motion. Here’s how.

  • Select the Project in the Layers panel
  • Go to Inspector > Properties > Motion Blur
  • Set Samples to 16.
  • Set Shutter Angle to 180°

NOTE: If the effect is not visible during playback, go to the top right corner of the Viewer and choose Render > Motion Blur. Playing Motion Blur is GPU intensive, if the project slows down too much, export the file to lock in the blur.


  • The higher the samples, the smoother the blur, for example, compare 8 to 32.
  • The higher the shutter angle, the larger the effect, for example, compare 90° to 420°.

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