Tip #236: Faster Color Correction

… for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tip #236: Faster Color Correction

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Custom shortcuts make color grading a LOT faster!

Apple Final Cut X color grading shortcuts
Color grading shortcuts that don’t have keys assigned.

Topic $TipTopic Iain Anderson writes in MacProVideo:

There are several color correction commands that are inaccessible, if you don’t create custom keyboard shortcuts for them. For example, open Final Cut Pro > Commands > Customize and search for Color. Then, assign shortcuts to:

  • Apply Color Wheels
  • Apply Color Correction from Previous Edit
  • Apply Color Correction from Two Edits Prior
  • Apply Color Correction from Three Edits Prior
  • Color Board: Toggle Correction on/off

Suddenly, all your color corrections will go a LOT faster!

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  1. Constance Beutel
    Constance Beutel says:

    Ah….how do you ‘assign’ a color shortcut. I followed your instructions and this beautiful multicolored keyboard, etc appears but I was unable to take the next steps to assign a shortcut.

    Help … and thank you


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