Tip #255: Multiple Shortcuts for One Menu

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #255: Multiple Shortcuts for One Menu

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

This technique is great when one shortcut just isn’t enough.

Detail from the keyboard shortcuts panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Here, I’ve assigned THREE! shortcuts to the same menu.

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I use both Premiere and Final Cut on a regular basis. And if there’s one thing that drives me nuts it’s trying to remember which keyboard shortcuts apply to each program.

Premiere provides an amazingly elegant solution: You can assign more than one shortcut to the same menu item. In fact, you can assign more than SIX!!

  • Open Keyboard Preferences.
  • Find the shortcut you want to modify.
  • Click just to the right of any existing shortcuts, then add your new choice.

NOTE: I was able to do this six times, with six different shortcuts applied to the same menu choice!

  • To delete a shortcut, click the small “x” next to it.
  • To save your modified shortcuts, click OK in the bottom right corner of the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.

Very, very, VERY cool!

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