Tip #281: Enable On-Screen Image Adjustments

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #281: Enable On-Screen Image Adjustments

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Moving elements by dragging is MUCH faster!

Effect Controls panel detail in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Click “Motion” to enable modifying elements in the Program Monitor.

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This is a very cool tip that I didn’t discover until I’d been using Premiere for several years.

Premiere provides the ability to resize, move and scale elements on screen in the Program Monitor, but you need to turn this feature on. And THAT is not easy to find. Here’s how.

  • Select a clip in the Timeline.
  • Click the word Motion in the Effect Controls panel.
  • A blue box surrounds the selected elements in the Program Monitor.
  • Drag a white dot to resize. Dragging a corner preserves the aspect ratio.
  • Click near, but outside, a corner to rotate the element
  • Click and drag inside the box to move the element.

To exit this mode, deselect the clip.


  • Press the Shift key to constrain movement to horizontal or vertical directions.
  • Press the Command key to display guidelines.
  • Press Shift and Command to quickly center an object vertically or horizontally.

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