Tip #290: Dynamic Trim: Trim Clips in Real-Time

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #290: Dynamic Trim: Trim Clips in Real-Time

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

This is a very fast way to trim edits in realtime.

The Dynamic Trim window in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
The blue bars indicate which edit point is selected. Drag to trim – or use J-K-L keys.

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Hidden in the Premiere interface is the Dynamic Trim window, which provides the ability to trim an edit point in realtime. This is a great way to trim an action scene when you need to see it in realtime to figure out the best places to change shots.

  • Double-click any edit point to open the window. The out-going clip is on the left, the in-coming clip is on the right.
  • Click an image to select a clip. (Notice the blue bars bracketing the left window? This means the out-going clip is selected.)
  • Drag inside an image to trim the Out (left) or In (right.). Or, click the vertical border between the two images to trim both; again, by dragging the mouse.

NOTE: You can also use the buttons at the bottom of the window to trim in 1 or 5 frame increments.

  • But! The real magic comes when you use the J and L keys. J to play backward, L to play forward. Whenever you press K, the selected edit point is trimmed in realtime.

If you are editing on action, this can make your trims a whole lot faster while enabling you to trim while watching the scene in realtime.

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