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Tip #296: Reveal the Clips Inside a Multicam Clip

Multicam clips are sequences and editable.

A multicam clip expanded to show it’s component clips in the Timeline.

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This article first appeared in PremiereBro.com. This is an excerpt.

A multicam clip in Premiere isn’t a “clip,” it’s a sequence. And, like all sequences, you can see the clips inside – if you know how.

In the past, there was a menu choice that allowed you to open a clip in the Timeline. Now, it’s a special mouse-click.

  • Cmd-double-click the multicam clip in the Timeline to open it as a new sequence in the Timeline. (Illustrated in the screen shot)


Double-click the multicam clip in the Timeline to open it in the Source Monitor.

While this doesn’t let you adjust individual clips, it does give you a different way to view the contents of the multicam clip itself.

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