Tip #326: Animate a Shape Using Behaviors

… for Apple Motion

Tip #326: Animate a Shape Using Behaviors

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Parameter Behaviors can be applied to any setting to create much more interesting movement.

The Oscillate parameter behavior settings applied to Noisiness in the Randomize behavior.

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In another tip (#330), we learned how to apply a Parameter Behavior to a filter. In this tip, we’ll learn how to apply a parameter behavior to another behavior; and, along the way, we’ll create our own version of a friendly ghost. Here’s how.

  • Create a new Motion project.
  • From Library > Shapes, drag a shape into the Viewer. (I used the Club Suit shape.)
  • Select the shape in the Layers panel.
  • Apply Behaviors > Shape > Randomize. This causes the shape to wiggle. To make it more amorphously ghost-like, match my settings in the lower half of the screen shot.
  • Next, hover your mouse over Noisiness and click the small downward-pointing arrow on the right.
  • From the menu, select Oscillate. This causes the values in Noisiness to change over time.
  • Again, match my settings in the top half of the screen shot. Notice the different results you get by changing the wave shape.

NOTE: To remove a setting, select it in the Layers panel and delete it.


To make this shape more “ghosty,” I also:

  • Changed Properties > Opacity to 25%
  • Changed the color to light blue using Filters > Color > Colorize
  • Softened the edges using Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur

Have fun playing.

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