Tip #419: Shooting Exteriors at Night

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Tip #419: Shooting Exteriors at Night

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Think outside the box for night lighting

Shiny streets at night. (Image courtesy of Pexels.com)

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This article, written by Noam Kroll, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is an excerpt.

The nighttime exterior shot is one of the greatest challenges for filmmakers on a budget. Nighttime exteriors typically require a ton of powerful lights (and generators) to illuminate your scene, which naturally poses a problem if your budget is limited. This is especially the case for wide shots where there is such an expansive area that needs to be lit.

That said, one of the best and most effective tricks of the trade in this type of situation is very simple: water. For years filmmakers have been using water on streets, sidewalks, asphalts, etc. to create a more reflective surface. By evenly spraying the concrete surfaces in your shot, you’re able to brighten up your scene drastically.

Many filmmakers prefer the look of shiny streets at night.

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