Tip #431: A Fast Way to Build a Premiere Sequence

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #431: A Faster Way to Build a Premiere Sequence

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Automate to Sequence is a very fast way to create an edit.

The Automate to Sequence dialog in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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This article first appeared in MotionArray. This is an excerpt.

Let’s say you are building a montage or music video where the audio determines where the edits need to be.

  • Add your audio to the timeline.
  • Play the audio and add markers (shortcut “M“) where you want to add shot changes; generally on the beat.
  • Select the clips you want to add in the order you them added to the sequence.
  • Click the Automate to Sequence button in the lower right of the Project Panel.
  • In the dialog displayed in this screen shot, make SURE to set Placement to At Unnumbered Markers.
  • Click OK and, poof!, instant sequence.


Review Premiere’s Help Files to learn what the other automation settings do.

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