Tip #449: Scopes on a Second Monitor

… for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tip #449: Display Scopes on a Second Computer Monitor in FCP X

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

A second computer monitor is a big help when editing video.

Video scopes displayed vertically on a second computer monitor running FCP X.

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Tip #392 showed how to use a second computer monitor attached to your Mac when editing with Final Cut Pro X. One of the benefits of using a second monitor is that it allows us to display both a larger video image in the Viewer and much larger video scopes. Here’s how.

NOTE: Displaying Final Cut Pro X to a second monitor is always full-screen; you can’t scale the interface.

  • Display the Viewer on the second monitor.
  • Type Cmd+7 to display video scopes. (They appear on the second monitor along with the Viewer.)
  • Go to the View menu in the top right corner of the video scopes and change them to a vertical alignment (top row, second box).

Depending upon the size of your monitor, you can display a 4K image full screen, and still have room for the scopes.


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