Tip #492: Creative Truths From Real Editors

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Tip #492: Creative Truths From Real Editors

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

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For several years, I ran the “Creative Truths Contest.” This invited readers to send in aphorisms that best represent the editing process. As you might imagine, editors took a pretty dim view of, well, just about everything.

Here are five of my favorites, along with the name of the editor that contributed it to the contest.

    • No one knows what you do but they always know that “it won’t take long.” (Jeff Fulton )


    • Every new technology opens a whole new world of things that can go wrong. (Will Schwarz)


    • As a dedicated production professional, I sit in dark places and wait for bad things to happen. (Mark Triplett)


    • Got a client you haven’t heard from in months or a year? Erase their old project files and media, and you are guaranteed a phone call or email from them within 24 hours, wanting a re-edit. (Mark Suszko)


  • Needed Lead EDITOR: Must have at least 5 years of experience. No out of college applicants will be excepted. Must be expert in Adobe Premier, Photoshop, and After Effects. We will ONLY look at candidates that are capable of shooting with a pro camera, setting up lighting, and recording live audio. You must have a deep understanding in DaVinci Resolve and Cinema 4D. This is an ENTRY LEVEL POSITION. (Hector Pina)


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