Tip #496: A Very Cool Time-Warp Effect

… for Apple Motion

Tip #496: A Very Cool Time-Warp Effect

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

From humble roots come eye-catching effects.

The Cellular generator with a Slit Scan effect applied.

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Here’s a very cool way to create a time-warp effect. I’ve never used this in real-life, but I teach it in all of my Motion classes, because it is fun to play with and teaches an important lesson. Here are the steps.

  • In Motion, add Generators > Cellular into a project.
  • Change the color gradient from black to white, to medium-dark blue to black.
  • Select Cellular in the Layers panel and apply Filters > Stylize > Slit Scan.
  • In Inspector > Properties, rotate the group so the blue flares radiate up-left.
  • In Inspector > Filters:
    • Change Center so the white line is in a lower corner
    • Change Speed to 15.
    • Change the Glow color to a radioactive green.

Then, change anything else you want.

The lesson this teaches is that we can take something very “blah” and make it eye-catching simply by using a few filters.


What what happens when you replace Slit Scan with Slit Tunnel.

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