Tip #513: How Changing Frame Rate Affects File Size

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Tip #513: How Changing Frame Rate Affects File Size

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Faster frame rates more than double file size.

As frame rates increase, file storage needs also increase – dramatically.

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I want to look at the effect increasing video frame rates has on storage capacity and bandwidth.

NOTE: In this example, I’m using Apple ProRes as a measurement codec. Other codecs will generate different numbers, but the overall results are the same. Here’s a white paper from Apple with all the source numbers.

Regardless of frame size, as frame rates increase, storage needs and bandwidth also increase. If we set the storage needs of 24 fps video (regardless of frame size) to 100%, then:

  • 25 fps video = 104% capacity and bandwidth increase
  • 30 fps video = 125% capacity and bandwidth increase
  • 50 fps video = 208% capacity and bandwidth increase
  • 60 fps video = 250% capacity and bandwidth increase

Just as capacity increases by these amounts, so, also, does bandwidth. Higher frame rates require bigger and faster storage.


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