Tip #552: 8 Tips to Improve VFX Shots

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Tip #552: 8 Tips to Improve VFX Shots

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Think about what you are shooting and how to match it to the background.

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This tip, presenting by Brad Hamilton, first appeared in a YouTube video. This is a summary of his video.

Here are Brad’s eight tips to improve your VFX shooting:

  1. Study reference images of the effect you are trying to recreate.
  2. Color correct the element you are adding to match the live action plate
  3. Match the sharpness of the VFX elements you are adding to that of the live action plate you shot.
  4. Match the amount of grain in the added element to the amount of grain in the live action shot.
  5. Utilize practical special effects during the filming process.
  6. Use lens flares/glare to promote realism and hide flaws in your composite.
  7. Make sure the lighting of the 3D world matches the live action shot.
  8. Create realistic 3D materials by adding scratches, dirt, grime, glossiness, rust, roughness, bumps, and so on.


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