Tip #597: Create Striking Duo-Tone Images in Motion

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Tip #597: Create Striking Duo-Tone Images in Motion

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Threshold creates striking duo-tone images, which you can then colorize.

Threshold creates duo-tone images (top) from a full color image (middle) using the settings illustrated at the bottom.

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If you want to create striking, duo-tone backgrounds, the Threshold filter in Apple Motion is exactly what you need.

The Threshold filter converts full-color images into stark, black-and-white images which you can then colorize using the same filter. The operation is simple:

  • Select an image. Then, apply Filters > Color > Threshold.
  • Instantly the image is a black-and-white duotone.
  • Next, select one of the two color boxes and adjust colors to suit. For me, the most effective color to adjust is the darker box.

The screen shot shows the results (top), source (middle), and the settings that got us there (bottom).

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