Tip #673: Create VFX in Photoshop

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Tip #673: Create VFX in Photoshop

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Photoshop is great for adding shapes and textures, but not for rotoscoping video.

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Photoshop is great at adding textures to video.

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This article, written by Audrey Ember, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is an excerpt.

Here are a few Photoshop tricks you can pull off to quickly and easily add a little life to your video projects. Use these for specific shots, don’t try editing video in Photoshop.

To start, switch to Window > Workspace > Motion. This displays a timeline at the bottom of the interface.

Things You Can Do

  • Add Color and Texture. Use different brushes to create shading and highlights.
  • Create Interesting Titles or Text Overlays. In Photoshop, the possibilities are endless, whether it’s creating unique shapes or adding textures to text or backgrounds.
  • Use Animations to Add Emphasis and Interest. Add different designs to emphasize movement and create a more stylized looks to the background.


The original article has videos that show the results of these tips.

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