Tip #720: Motion Path vs. Throw

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Tip #720: Motion Path vs. Throw

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Throw is straight-line movement. Motion Path offers more complexity.

The Throw behavior, top, versus Motion Path, bottom.

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Apple Motion has two behaviors that seem to do the same thing: Throw and Motion Path. What’s the difference?

The Throw behavior (Basic Motion > Throw) moves the selected object in a straight line, based upon settings in the HUD.

The Motion Path behavior (Basic Motion > Motion Path) provides a fixed starting point, a fixed ending point and the ability to add curves along the path.

NOTE: To add a curve to a Motion Path, double-click the red line, then adjust the two white curve controls.

As with all Motion effects, the speed of the effect is based upon its duration in the timeline (or mini-timeline).

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