Tip #739: Premiere: No Support for FireWire DV Capture

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #739: Premiere: No Support for FireWire DV Capture

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

FireWire capture of DV media is no longer supported on Macs.

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This tip first appeared on Adobe’s support page. While this won’t affect a lot of folks, it is still worth knowing.

Starting with macOS 10.15 Catalina, Premiere Pro, Audition, and Adobe Media Encoder no longer support the capture of DV and HDV over FireWire.

This change does not impact other forms of tape capture.
You can still edit DV/HDV files that have previously been captured.
DV/HDV capture is still available with Premiere Pro on Windows.


If you need access to DV/HDV ingest you can:

  • On macOS: Use Premiere Pro 12.x and 13.x on macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) or 10.14 (Mojave)
  • On Windows: Continue to use the latest versions of Premiere Pro with no impact.

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  1. Mike Janowski
    Mike Janowski says:

    This is why we have archival systems.

    I have a G5 Mac Tower running Tiger (10.4) and FCP 6.0.6 (think that was the last release). This is simply the BEST computer I’ve ever owned. Had it since 2004-ish, it’s NEVER FAILED (just take care to back up system drive and replace it every now and then). I use it as my analog capture and backup system. Not the speediest, but totally reliable; which is what I want for personal family video heirlooms.

    I also have an Intel Mac tower (2.66 dual core) running Sno Lep (10.7), with FCP7. Because you can never have too much redundancy.


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