Tip #767: Import Media From an iPhone – FAST!

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Tip #767: Import Media From an iPhone – FAST!

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Importing media from an iPhone is fast and easy with Preview.

The File menu for Preview on a Mac.

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Importing media from an iPhone into a Mac is fast and easy … if you know the secret.

OK, I’ll tell you.

  • Connect your iPhone to a Mac using a Lightning > USB cable.
  • Unlock your phone.
  • Open Preview (the app) on the Mac.
  • Go to File > Import from iPhone.

Preview then displays a directory of all the images and video on your phone. Simply drag the files you want from this window to your desktop – or wherever you want them stored.

This method, unlike Air Drop, allows you to easily select multiple files to transfer and copies them at a much faster rate. When you are done, simply unplug the cable. Nothing to eject or shut down.

Very, very easy – if you know the secret.

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  1. Tod
    Tod says:

    Saw this in your newsletter? But How did I not know this! FYI this works for files that earlier versions of Photos can’t import. (El Cap) Major problem solved. I should have rated 5 stars. I wish I could change my ratings.


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