Tip #782: Compare Proxy Files to Source Media

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Tip #782: Compare Proxy Files to Source Media

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Proxy files are optimized for editing and small file size.

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Here’s a table that compares proxy file storage and bandwidth requirements to source media.

Keep in mind that unlike H.264, proxy files are optimized for editing. H.264 is often difficult to edit on older or slower systems.

Data Rates and Storage Needs for UHD Media
4K Media Frame rate Bandwidth Store 1 Hour
H.264 30 fps 18.75 MB/sec 67.5 GB
ProRes Proxy 30 fps 22.75 MB/sec 82 GB
ProRes 422 30 fps 73.6 MB/sec 265 GB
BMD RAW 3:1 30 fps ~175 MB/sec 630 GB
R3D Redcode 4K 4:1 30 fps 215 MB/sec 774 GB


  • H.264 specs based on JVC specs
  • ProRes specs from Apple ProRes White Paper
  • Blackmagic specs interpolated from Blackmagic Design website
  • Red redcode specs from Red website

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