Tip #851: A Comparison: Frame Size vs. File Size

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Tip #851: A Comparison: Frame Size vs. File Size

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

This chart, measured in GB/hour, illustrates how file size expands with frame size.

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As frame sizes continue expanding to equal a living room wall, the accompanying file sizes explode as well.

This chart in this screen shot illustrates how quickly file sizes increase with frame size.

NOTE: This table is based on ProRes 422, at two frame rates: 24 fps and 60 fps. Shooting raw or log files would increase these file sizes about 2X.

Here are the source numbers for this chart.


Gigabytes Needed to Store 1 Hour of ProRes 422 Media

24 fps 60 fps
720p HD 26 66
1080p HD 53 132
UHD 212 530
6K 509 1,273
8K 905 2,263

(File sizes published by Apple in their ProRes White Paper.)

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