Tip #863: What HDMI 2.1 Means for 8K and HDR

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Tip #863: What HDMI 2.1 Means for 8K and HDR

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The new HDMI standard supports future image quality growth.

Image courtesy of TV Technology.

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The folks at TV Technology released an article on “What HDMI 2.1 Could Mean for 8K, HDR” This is an excerpt.

James Carter and Henry St. Leger write:

What is HDMI 2.1? The new standard for HDMI was confirmed back in November, 2017, but has yet to trickle down into mass-market television hardware. When it does, though, it will mark a big step for both the AV industry and home viewers wanting to get the most of their TV series, films, broadcast, and games consoles.

When High Definition Multimedia Interface (or HDMI) first arrived on the scene, everyone rejoiced at no longer having to use bulky SCART connectors, or those confusing component video cables, ever again. Instead, HDMI offered high definition video with a connector that was just a little bigger than a standard USB plug.

…The headline feature here is support for 8K content at 60 fps, but there are also a number of minor features that add up to a much more capable standard such as support for Variable Refresh Rates, Dynamic HDR, and Quick Media Switching, which should make it faster than ever to change between the devices attached to your television.

Here’s the link to the full article.

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