Tip #879: 5 Key Corporate Video Client Types

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Tip #879: 5 Key Corporate Video Client Types

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Every client is a steppingstone to more work.

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This article, written by Jourdan Aldredge, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is an excerpt.

Let’s break down the five most common clients in corporate video production, and explore how you can prepare for their on-set and post-production needs.

By investing in your clients, it’s easier to turn them into partners (and even friends) who you can work with as if you’re on the same team. In fact, I’d say that anyone interested in corporate video production should make it a serious goal to get to this “same team” mentality with their clients. After all, the best client, as they say, is the one who keeps coming back to you.

  1. One-Off Productions. These clients can be found on all your job boards, industry specific forums, or even from word-of-mouth recommendations. Take these projects when you can, but always push to turn them into bigger roles in the future. My advice is to show up, do great work, be positive, and try to talk with the highest-level stakeholder you can find.
  2. Event and Live Streamers. These are by far the most boring — and often the most logistically challenging — of the video projects you might be called on to produce. They can also be the most consistent and lucrative. My advice for these types of clients is to work early and often to make your video services a holistic part of their events.
  3. Social Media Marketers. It’s been reported that over 78% percent of people are watching videos online every week, and 72% percent of customers prefer learning about products or services through video. As such, many of the corporate video opportunities you’ll find moving forward are going to be specifically focused on social media video content.
  4. In-House Production Support. It’s no secret that companies up and down the Fortune 500 create a lot of video content. However, the idea that their in-house resources include enough people, gear, and time to handle all of their video needs is naive. A solid point of contact within the marketing or production department of a big-time company can quickly become your best client. If you do good work and make their life easier, they’ll call you whenever they need more support.
  5. The Creative Branding Partners. This might be the best client of them all. You should work to ensure that every single one of your previous clients views you and your company this way. At the end of the day, clients are going to come back to you because they have video needs, but also because they like you, respect your work, and trust you to deliver a quality product.

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