Tip #970: Colorizing 3D Objects

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Tip #970: Colorizing 3D Objects

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Colors applied to a 3D object apply to the entire object, even as it moves or rotates.

Gradient Colorize (left) and Colorize (right) applied to a white 3D mug.

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3D objects are new with the 5.4.6 update to Apple Motion. Tip #969 describes what these are. However, many of the these objects are pure white. Here’s how to change that.

While we can’t, at least yet, apply textures to 3D shapes (and have them retain their “3D-ness”), we can apply color.

In the screen shot, the white 3D mug has two different filters applied:

  • Filters > Color > Colorize. This is the green color.
  • Filters > Color > Gradient Colorize. This is the pink color.

NOTE: I created this effect by blending three different screen shots in Photoshop.

I tend to prefer the results of the Gradient Colorize because I can apply a slightly different shade of the color to emphasize shadows.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this color will “stick” even as you rotate the object.

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